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Copyright 2018. The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE). All Rights Reserved.


FREE, co-founded by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy Schild, Mary Rodwell, and Reiniero 'Rey' Hernandez,  was formally incorporated as a Not for Profit (501c3) Research Organization on July 15, 2015.  FREE has been established by various retired Ph.D. Physicists, Ph.D. Scientists, Ph.D. Psychologists, Ph.D. Neuroscientists and lay researchers to facilitate investigations into “UFO related contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings and associated paranormal activity, from a grounded and rigorous scientific foundation”.  These interrelated subjects include alleged UFO related extraterrestrial encounters, UFO related contact with non-human intelligent entities from parallel worlds or other dimensions, plus UFO related associated manifestations that appear to violate known physical laws.

FREE has various scientists, academics and top researchers in the field known as UFO related Contact.  These academics and scientists are undertaking the first ever long term comprehensive ACADEMIC research study on the UFO related Contact Phenomena-- The FREE Experiencer Research Study.  Our research study will focus on individuals who have had any type of UFO related “Contact” with a “Non-Human Intelligent Being” (NHIB).

Our primary focus will be on scientific investigation through surveys and interviews of individuals who have had UFO related contact experiences with non-human sentient beings and to compare this group with individuals that have had other types of "paranormal contact experiences" through the following:  NDEs, OBEs, Hallucinogenic/ Entheogenic natural substances, hypnotic regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, and human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences.

No one has ever attempted this type of academic research study.  Our study involves 2 comprehensive quantitative surveys totally more than 600 questions and 2 qualitative research instruments.  Phase 1 is our initial simple survey, comprised of 150 questions that can be completed in 15-20 minutes.  Our Phase 2 Survey, comprised of 450 questions will be administered to those individuals completing Phase 1.  Phase 3 is a qualitative instrument and involves written responses to 60 open ended questions along various thematic categories.  Phase 4 involves a formal structured interview that will be orally recorded and transcribed.   The participant’s complete anonymity will be strictly held.

As of December 1, 2015, we have received over 2,000 responses to our Phase 1 survey and over 1,200 responses to our Phase 2 survey, both in the English language.  One other factor that distinguishes our research study is that our surveys are also being circulated to non-English speakers.  We are currently translating our surveys into Spanish, French, German, Russian and are awaiting funding for translations into other major languages.

Dr. Jon Klimo is the Chair of our FREE Experiencer Research Study. Dr. Klimo has chaired over 250 Ph.D. dissertations, 75 of them on the topic of the "paranormal".  He has published numerous academic books and articles on the "Paranormal", most in peer reviewed academic journals.  Dr. Klimo has also taught “Research Methodology” for over 40 years.  Dr. Klimo developed the “Research Methodology” for our scientific research study.

The objective of our research study is, for the first time, to have comprehensive statistical and cross tabulated data findings about the phenomena of UFO related Contact as well as interview findings to back up the quantitative data. We expect to have an initial publication of our preliminary findings by the Spring of 2017.  After the publication of this initial report, all of our data will be placed in the public domain in our new FREE website, EXPERIENCER.ORG, to be used by all researchers and the public.


Because the academics in FREE firmly believe that all of the various “Contact Modalties” (ET Contact, NDEs, OBEs, Spirit World Contact, Channeling, Shamanic Journeys, Mystical Meditations, Remote Viewing, etc) are all interrelated under a new and undisclosed “Physics of Consciousness”, quite possibly Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s version of the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness, in the future FREE will be initiating comparative studies among these various “modalities of contact”.  We will begin comparing and contrasting individuals that have had contact experiences with non human intelligence via these diverse modalities of contact.

ANONYMITY:  Confidentiality and Anonymity is extremely important to us.  As a participant for our 3 surveys and formal interview, the Participant has a choice to remain completely “ANONYMOUS”. There will not be a way for anyone to find out who is the Participant, where they live, or any other personal information to identify you.  In addition, the Interviewer will not have any personal identifying information about you.  Instead, the Participant will be given a Respondent Number.  During your Interview you will not be asked any information to identify who you are (name, address, or other sensitive personal ID information).  All of the interviews will be audio recorded and later transcribed to paper via appropriate software.  This is the reason why it is important to maintain complete anonymity.  After the voice files have been transcribed, they will be destroyed.  What will be left is a transcribed document that will not have any personal identifying information except for the Respondent Number.



Should you have any questions about our research study please send us an email to: